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Top 7 Excel tips and tricks to save you tons of time

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In this blog we’re going to show you the top seven excel tips and tricks you need to know right now format paintbrush is one of excel’s rockstars and lets you copy the exact font and cell color anywhere in the workbook to format it for multiple cells just select the cell you want to copy the format from double click on the paintbrush and when you see the little plus sign in it just click on any cell and go on a formatting frame if you want to stop it just click again on the paintbrush draw border grid this is another winner since borders on a lesser table the number ways probably to highlight the cells go to the border tool and manually select the old borders option.

Now let’s look at this example. We don’t highlight the cells we just go right into the borders and scroll all the way down until you reach the draw border grid and it feels like magic to stop it just click on the tool again.

The next excel tip is a very common question I always get what if you want to select all of the cells with data to the right of a particular column well first you’re going to select that column as your starting point and you’re going to press in your keyboard first the control button followed by shift and lastly press on the down arrow button you should see the column fully highlighted now while leaving the control shift keys pressed in your keyboard this time we are going to click the right arrow button now notice how all of the cells to the right of the particular column should be highlighted.

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Flash fill is one of my favorite because it’s a real impression of the autofill the autofill

as we know it is bound to numerical and simple sequences like dates numbers times and very predictable patterns and

so far.

Flash fill actually identifies more complex patterns in this example this list of names need to be now formatted in the proper case in the flash field does that the next example is an inventory list and the last part of the code is the size all we need is to type the first pattern press ctrl+e and flash.

The field does the work one caveat about flash feel that sometimes there are a few times actually you might need to enter instead of one pattern two patterns so far fill identifies the correct way of doing it did you know that you can actually copy a worksheet from one file to another in

Excel we’re talking about two separate files, okay and all we need to do is has

one information to another instead of you copying and pasting manually write a worksheet or multiple worksheets I’m gonna show you a quicker way first you’re going to open the recipient file and also the file that you’re copying the data from next go to the excel file that you are copying from or the file that is giving away the information click on the tab of the worksheet that you need the information from the scroll down right-click inside of the tab make sure that you are right-clicking right inside of the tab so you can see the select move or copy option on the very top there is a drop-down that lets you select the excel file that you need to move the information to and even he lets you. 

Create a brand-new workbook in this case we’re going to select the file that is receiving the information we also check in the main copy option and this works pretty much just like copy & paste just in a matter of seconds if you are creating a master list or you need to collect information based on Excel files that you’re getting from different sources or they’re sending you different versions this is a very quick way for you can keep track of it and copy very efficiently.

Let me show you how to freeze panes in Excel this feature lets you keep your headers or columns visible while you through your data to apply this go to the View tab and you can easily.

Top 7 Excel tips and tricks to save you tons of time

Click on freeze top row freeze top column and unfreeze to finish now what if you want to select both the top row and the column at the same time just click on the cell that intersects with the column and the header in this example is the (cell b2) click on view freeze panes and notice that you can also freeze lower parts of your worksheet if necessary with this you can scroll through your excel file and enjoy the view.

Another useful tool in Excel is to switch windows in the View tab as well

In case you’re working with multiple Excel files and you want to take a break from the traditional alt-tab shortcut in Windows that lets you navigate through different applications and files this feature lets you remain focused in Excel and switch files back and forth easily before you use this feature though make sure that all of your files that you are about to use our open so you can see them in the drop-down menu.

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