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How to make at least 900 a week teaching online any subject

How to make at least 900 a week teaching online any subject

How to make at least 900 a week teaching online any subject?

Hello Guys!
In the tutorial below we are going to show you one of the most efficient platforms out there to teach your course online easily on your own terms and most importantly within your schedule and the days that are most convenient for you maybe you struggle to find an online platform that allows you to teach your course because some of them require a subscription whether you book students or not others are very difficult to set up or they just don’t have the features that you need or they have too many requirements maybe others need you to maybe take a test or multiple interviews or even worse some of the online tutoring courses out there they might require you to have a certain degree in education or teach their courses in a specific time zone.

Now let me ask you this: can you teach if you’re forced to use your own material instead of using yours if you want to succeed teaching online there’s definitely a way of doing this now let me tell you that the best platform we have found so far to teach online efficiently is called outschool.com. 

They are based in the United States and let you teach topics of pretty much anything, even life skills or language classes are in high demand on this website. So this platform targets preschool middle and high school students so you have a wide range of ages that you want to teach so the best part is also that you can actually set your own schedule your own cost you use your very own material you can be as creative as possible and like I said there are no limits you can have as many classes as you can handle here and this is a really great way to get students on an ongoing basis to open an account in outschool.com.


How to Make at Least $900 a Week Teaching Online Any Subject!

You can click the link below this article and select sign up to teach, there’s a green button where you are going to enter your email and confirm.

After that, you’re gonna fill out your basic information with your profile, and once your account is approved – you’re ready.

The next step is to create a short video and send it to the out school team for their approval. You will meet students worldwide and you do not have to have a teacher certificate or any specific degree, as long as your class is fun and educational.

Make sure that you submit the classes to their out-school team for approval first, and don’t worry because their support is very good and quick.

You can create a video using some simple recording applications or even your phone. Plan your classes carefully and make sure they are creative, engaging and pick the age range that you’re planning to target. Tell your viewers why you are a great fit for the subject and be yourself! 

You can always submit a class video introduction but it’s not necessary at all. BE as specific as possible in the description so parents and students know what to expect from your class.

So you can start submitting your classes and the next step is to explore in outschool.com what other classes that are being taught and similar to yours. I’ll give you an example if you want to teach how your or pre-algebra it is worth for you to spend a few hours looking at every class in our school before you start making your own class.

Remember, your class is your own so you can be as creative and as different as possible. One last but very important tip is that our school charges you 30% of your booking and this is only due if you have a student that booked your class, otherwise you do not have to pay, this helps them with the advertising cost. They will pay you weekly through your Paypal account, so keep these tips in mind.

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