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How to Edit Shared Files in Canva Step by Step

To edit a ShareFile from Canva make sure that you either sign in to your account or sign up using the steps below.

Make sure that during this process you leave your account open.

Notice that you have to create a very strong password until it’s green as shown in the demo.

#Canva #LearnCanva How to Edit Shared Files in Canva

 You’re gonna notice that once you sign up into Canva you’re going to be asked the reason we click personal and also we want to escape the trial so we choose maybe later after you select the personal option now you can leave come back open in one tab and then in a separate tab.

You’re going to login into your email and click on the share link as make sure that in this step first go to file make a copy so it is your own private copy otherwise you will be working with a shared copy so make sure that you complete the step before editing the document.

Now in this step notice that I am clicking on the name of the file the copy of a copy and I’m assigning a different name this case I pick my own project to make sure that you either press enter or select outside of the area.

This is kind of the fun part I will say because this is where you play with the Font’s the different styles you can change colors and then we’re going to show you how to change the pictures but here you can rename anything on the camera document you can either change the text throughout the document or you can also replace the pictures as you go along.

we’re going to show you in a moment after you replace the text now you can go to photos type food and then double click pretty much on any of the images that you like so you can insert them in the document.

You can now delete any of your images by clicking on them and pressing delete in this area you can resize and adjust all of the pictures and you can rename the pages as you see and edit all of the content once you finish editing all of the text and changing the pictures around you’re ready to click the download button on the upper right-hand corner notice that here you can download percent share and many other features in Canva so in this case, we’re going to choose PDF a standard.

Click the download button and wait for it to download and your computer once the pop-up message appears to click continue editing so once the download is complete just make sure that you check your folder open the document just to verify that everything looks good and that’s it, thank you so much for reading.

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