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How my family is coping with the coronavirus

How my family is coping with the coronavirus


I love reading about history, can’t get enough of it, but I would have never imagined that during my lifetime, we would have a pandemic similar to the Spanish Flu in 1918. Seeing things from a bright perspective (or at least trying my best), this time around we have technology that is helping us trade information faster, work remotely, and make memes, jokes, and even songs about it! Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclaimer for more info.

Before the Coronavirus started to make headlines on the news, my life was immersed in my always-busy life as a single mom, combined with long, never-ending working hours, projects and tons of coffee.

So now, we are in a way forced to “stop and smell the roses” because of the quarantine. Every day, my head debates whether this is part of a Divine plan or the consequence of mankind being reckless and defying, disrupting and sometimes destroying the perfect cycle of nature. Maybe both?

Here is a list that we compiled on things to do while at home, trying to be short and to the point. Truly hope that this list with ideas helps you and your loved ones in every way as well. Do you remember the time when you wanted to learn something new with your kids? maybe painting,pottery, music, astrology,arts and crafts, growing plants, etc. that can keep your minds busy while building beautiful memories down the road.


  • Meditate: I need to share with you this life-changing phone app, totally free called Insight Timer that gives you amazing and FREE guided meditation. I personally do this at the end of the day, when everyone is going to sleep and my day is over, so nothing else worries me and can truly be in “meditation mode”
  • Learn a new language: my teenage son is brushing up his Spanish with the help of Duolingo, and he actually enjoys it! We are starting with 30 minutes per day but we are increasingly adding 15 minutes each week until we get to 1 hour. Consistency is key!
  • Virtually go to the Opera for free!! Metopera.org is offering free opera screencasts. I have always wanted to see La Traviata live so I guess this is my chance!
  • Implement a reward system for your child. It was the best thing ever as my child learned the value of being rewarded based on his work early on in life. The reward chart here was used all the way until he was a teenager, but every child is different so give it a try and see for yourself. BONUS: they can help you and get rewarded with my next suggestion coming up.
  • Create a budget for your current expenses. Now is the chance to get your numbers straight. Pick your last 3 bank statements and plug this information in a budget like this one.
  • Organize one small section of your house at a time. Create a weekly calendar and every task can be done in less than an hour (not 4 or 10). It is important to track the time or you will be exhausted by day 3 (again, personal experience). Get your kids to help (only if possible of course) and it’s a rewarding feeling when you see your clutter slowly going away.

  • Go through your pictures, and I am not only talking online, but the nostalgic (and still beautiful) polaroid ones that have been sitting in the drawer for decades.
  • This is a good time for Email cleanup. For those of us Email hoarders (yes, I am talking from personal experience), not having time to clean up is a thing of the past, at least for now.
  • Help your kids with any assignments or subjects they are struggling with. Did you know that most public libraries like Miami-Dade Public Library offer free online tutoring? You have to have their library card though but also, there is Wolframalpha.com to help you get the answers to the hardest questions.

  • Do you need to clean up and update your LinkedIn account or resume? This is now a great time to get started. YouTube University can get you free tutorials.

I truly hope that this list with ideas helps you and your loved ones in every way as well. Could you please share with me which hobbies would you like to try? Or which ones from the list you are already doing?


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