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Excel Quiz

Let us know where do you stand when it comes to Excel with our Free Excel Quiz.

Excel Training Materials

Practice your Excel skills with our Free download & learn by doing!

Top Excel Shortcuts

These are our most requested Excel shortcuts , get a free copy now

Excel Basics Live Training 101 on 07/20/22 at 6:30pm EST

Join our Free live online training on July 20th, 6:30pm EST to answer your Excel questions and tips for success.

Excel Basic Training on 02/22/22 at 6:30pm

This is a pre-recorded webinar co-presented by SCORE Broward that with the best tips and tricks for beginners

Excel Advanced Training on 03/21/22 at 6:30pm

This is a free webinar on March 21st, 2022 at 6:30pm so you can learn the amazing Excel advanced features

Social Media Training

Learn about your ideal audience, what Social Media avenue to use without spending money & with massive traffic.

Google Business Checklist

Our Google Business Checklist will help you setup your Google Business step-by-step, fully covered in our course

Excel Job Interview Sample

If you are applying for a job and they ask you to test your abilities using Excel, this test will be a great starting point.

Canva Advanced Shortcuts

If you are getting started in Canva or need to work faster this is the free list you need to get started.

YouTube Tutorial Materials

These are the free resources and materials to follow along our YouTube Tutorials

Notion for Your Business

This is a free project management tool that has taken the tech industry by storm, and it's free!

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