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Build an Excel Calendar with only Shortcuts – No Mouse!

Create an Excel Calendar with Excel Shortcuts - No Mouse!

Hello and if you want to learn how to use the Excel Shortcuts ultra-fast, let’s create a Calendar together, without touching our mouse, not even once!

I am using Excel in Office 365, but you can try it with your own version. Let me know in the comments below which version you are using for this exercise.

To start Excel Windows + R = Type Excel and press Enter

When you open Excel, it points you to create a brand-new sheet, but you can also move using the left and right buttons if needed. In this case let’s press Enter.

Now let’s press CTRL+S to Save this File as My New Schedule, once you are done, you are going to press Enter.

Moving around with the arrow keys, Type in Cell B2 My schedule, press Enter, and we will change the format later.

Now move to cell A4 and type the Header for the Time, press Enter and then, move around and when you are in cell B4  type Monday.

Move back to the Monday cell, Press Shift and at the same time highlight the next 6 cells to the right to autofill the rest of the days.

 For the autofill shortcut type ALT+H+F+I+S

Now the Series Autofill option appears.

Press Tab 6 times, then arrow down to Autofill, once selected, press Enter.

You can Autofit the columns for the days by pressing ALT+H+O+I