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Creative Massive Traffic Using Social Media

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Creative Massive Traffic Using Social Media

How to create massive traffic using social media these is basically tips that we have gathered through years of experience so we can show you how you can make traffic how can you create the traffic on your website without spending money on ads on any paid advertisement because guess what there are billions of users in the world wide web and let me tell you something there’s a lot of resources.

Hopefully, after this training, you will be able to use it, so let’s get started.

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So I just wanted to make sure that there’s a very awesome saying and it’s by Winston Churchill. It’s one of my favorite characters and it says the pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and now we are facing unprecedented times.

We know that with the Covid 19 things are very different from what we used to but guess what, we are going to find opportunity even in difficult times and odd if you want to say it very odd times.

So i want you to keep in mind that this is an opportunity that you can achieve and I’m going to show you the material that you can use after the training and hopefully it will help you create the massive traffic that you want. 

So the goals of this training we’re gonna touch base at a high level about what u it means to be in the web SEO the web design world so we’re gonna talk about it.

Tips on how to make your website stand out making it more user-friendly then we’re gonna touch base on Facebook and Instagram because there are a lot of tips that they’re simple but I noticed that a lot of people miss out on those.

So I want to make sure that you cover those when you actually go and do your own marketing now one of the goals of my knowledge is to actually teach users how to be in control of their marketing how to be in control of their websites and how to make sure that they use the best of what technology has to offer so stay tuned like they say wait there’s more about me so I work for iknowledge and having 20 years in the IT industry I graduated in  with a bachelor’s degree of management information systems which is pretty much a blended course of technology classes with business which was awesome and fast forward to today.

After certifications and all the credentials that you see, I have worked with amazing teams including PWC also Hewlett Packard(HP) and in also hospitals one of them is Carolina’s pediatric emergency fellowship that it’s right there and along with social influencers and south Florida businesses as well so all right so this is important and I’m gonna move this camera a little bit here to the right to the social media facts about Covid 19 are very distinct and very different from what we experienced before.

If you’re noticing the graph this is what people are buying online now this is actually this was back in March when we got this graphic now as things start opening up as you might suspect all of these lines of products are going to increase it’s going to be more demand for it it’s incredible how something that really came out of nowhere I mean it caught everybody by surprise changed the whole dynamics of marketing and that’s why i wanted to present this workshop to you um to help and hopefully this is going to give you a direction or a path to move forward and make sure that your business is a success.

Those are the lines that are actually heavily affected by what they are buying online right now!

So yes a lot of insta car amazon those are the big winners and you also have like home and garden a lot of people are staying home so they’ll be decorating and organizing everything new toys and games, yes I mean that goes without saying like the kids are home a lot a long time so yes we need that for the way they’re entertained, gifts and the specialty.

This is important especially if you have a business that it’s in the printing business or if you do customize gifts for users let me tell you now this is your time to nurture those customers and to make your industry grow.

Okay, so definitely this is an opportunity for you to start building connections and make sure that your audience knows who you are, what value you offer, and most importantly why they should go with you vs anybody else!

All right so the next one so what I guess the big effects which are the industries that are being affected the most.

So here you have it you have stored features on this place steam bags swimwear cameras and equipment and luggage again these are now because of Covid 19 the industries are affected negatively but once things start to open up you’re gonna see how everything’s gonna be kind of in reverse hopefully everything stays everything on the up and up but in this case notice how this is an opportunity even for these industries to start making connections in the social media.

So it’s always an opportunity remember there’s always an opportunity for everybody social media facts during Covid 19 here you have it.

So you have the changes to Facebook and this is by the way from sprout social and also you have a graphic with the schedule on the kind of like the changes on the 2020 average is the one that has the stripes.

 So notice that Wednesday sucks like a big day for Facebook according to sprout social which is they’re really good but now because of Covid! 

Now you have all these different dates maybe more I actually think that there’s more engagement than what the chart shows but again I’m sure they took an average of all the different industries and they kind of presented kind of like their findings in a very summarized way so you have the same for Instagram so the changes for Instagrams are very diverse and so we’re gonna actually talk about.

What are the best ways to engage with your customers or your ideal customers through Facebook Instagram I actually added Pinterest because I think it’s fascinating to me how something so simple is so highly effective when it comes to traffic it’s amazing?

Now! so at a holistic level well Covid 19 was actually effective I guess an effective tool and unfortunately this is something that again came at a cost or a high cost but engagement went up to the roof because guess what people now have more time they’re working from home they can check your messages and all the good stuff you also have mindfulness meaning that if you look through social media in general and if you look through the news if you look through maybe if you’re out and about you’re gonna see how people are actually more mindful about what they eat the exercise they’re watching more all of those fundamental things about their body and that’s actually something positive. It’s seen as a train that I’ve personally seen in education. yes, education is also in the highest demand people are now taking advantage of the time to get educated.

Now i want to talk about ppc and ads even though this is a course of free ads which i promise you’re going to cover entirely the pay-per-click and ads are also out of here at an all-time low and i’ll explain to you why a lot of these companies like google they make a lot of money selling ads or making ads for these big companies to speak corporations everybody across the globe they cut their budgets they’re trying to slam down on expenses as a result there’s actually less demand on the ppc and the ads therefore now you have a lower cost on on this pay-per-click and also facebook ads what have you so you know it’s it’s always good to make sure that your website is on point that your marketing is on point before you start spending money on apps because otherwise you’re gonna feel that your money is going nowhere you’re not gonna see results and that’s why we’re having this training this is exactly the picture that i wanted to show you because many of my previous customers they come to me and say oh i spent thousands of dollars on facebook ads and i spent thousands of dollars on social marketing and everything and i feel like i’m just throwing money everywhere i’m putting money in different ads and different options and i don’t get results.

So yes you feel like you’re shooting in the dark and one of the main reasons that I’ve noticed that this is happening is because you want to make sure that you know who’s your customer is you want to make sure that whoever it is that your ideal customer that you know you know them at a personal level we’re going to touch base on that more details so yes if you feel like this is you that you’re having marketing and you’re going in different directions this is a training that you need to have so we this is one of the first questions that we ask our customers.

We are strong believers in audience analysis. An audience analysis is basically that you’re going to ask your customers or actually write down a list of all of your traits that you want in a customer.

For example, let’s say that your ideal customer. It’s somebody between a certain age range or They have a particular hobby of geography. We actually offer a customer avatar. It’s something that we design that is going to help you put it in writing. 

It’s very important to have it in writing here. So this is a pdf that we can offer we can give it to you at no cost and then you have your avatar name you actually are required to have a name to add a picture of it and an age yes you want to have an as an actual age and you have all of these demographics that is going they are going to help you become a better marketer without this piece of information you cannot continue with the rest of your marketing and i’ll tell you why because this is where this the source of the problem is when it comes to marketing a strategy.

If you don’t know who are you aiming your arrows to like who are you pointing you’re marketing how are you going to get results. So this is something that we are we can definitely help you have and you can start filling in the blanks all right so where is your audience they are searching for you yes they are you just gotta let them know that you exist okay!

You also have a meetup facebook group and marketplace Facebook not only has the groups I don’t know if you guys know but they have a marketplace that is amazing and you can actually list your services and products for free and you have about the millions probably billions of people at this point that are mighty look at your product but we’re gonna get their online ads.

So i know craigslist is one of the big kind of like the first name right that comes up when you’re doing online ads in this case craigslist is actually effective for certain things and i invite you to experiment with anything that has online free ads on it anything that you can put your word out there any tool that is going to help you spread the word if it’s free go for it and you’re going to see what works and what doesn’t as you try different options you also have referrals and past clients i shall put this on the beginning of the presentation because those are the best

um these are the best referrals those are the best customers you want would you want to have a business that feeds mainly on referrals and past customers i mean of course we’re gonna use social media to expand on that but those are actually the ideal customers to me because the past customers are the ones that you already work with them you already know who they are They know you, you know them and then you have the referrals. Nothing works best when somebody else recommends you because the person is going to come to you ready to do business.

So definitely keep that in mind and these are actually examples I’m looking here like where these are on Facebook the Facebook ads and we talk about it but however, I will hold on to that and I will resort to fine-tune your marketing strategy and you also you want to fine-tune your what it is who is your target okay before you actually go into the Facebook ad first take advantage of the groups take advantage of that before we move forward.

What are the most common mistakes when it comes to search engine optimization? So the first one that I’ve noticed a lot it’s no target audience yes you’re having a website that is confusing you don’t know where you go are you selling it to your service who are you offering or your message then you have running consistency basically that when you navigate through different sites you’re gonna see different examples like different letters and different fonts.

It’s like it’s coming from different places so that’s something that needs to be fixed, no call to action.

Call to action means when you go to our website you want to have a message, call now, make an appointment and get our checklist or subscribe to our newsletter.

Something that prompts the user to take action. A user experience makes sure that when you build a site builder as simple as possible for the user in mind you want the user to navigate flawlessly through your site and find the information in less than three clicks.

Yes, you heard that right make sure that your website in less than three clicks you’re able to actually get to whatever product you’re selling, whatever service you’re offering.  

So humans have for probably forever or from the beginning of time they have struggled and they are always searching to improve anything that has to do with their health with their relationships let it be family relationships personal relationships anything to those lines and last but not least wealth financial status so you have status health and relationships if your service is actually here it’s attacking one of those three pain points make sure that you mention it make sure

that you elaborate on how are you gonna take the user from a state that it’s now that they’re having a problem and now you then before they came to you they were having a struggle with something and then once you’re in the picture you’re gonna show them the way you’re gonna show them the solution like a friend of mine said you wanna make sure that you want to fix problems that they have but they don’t want in short loading time so there are tools in actually google.

Google has a google developer platform that allows you to check the loading time and yes replace it with valuable content no fluff ladies and gentlemen please not a worthy website something that explains more than issue doesn’t necessarily is the best alternative you always want to go to the point clear concise and that actually gives good results.

This is an example of a website that was presented to me I actually hit the domain for preserving dignity I wanted to make sure that the person uh it’s not like all over the place is it’s that’s not really a nice thing to do but in this case we actually see that there’s no call to action and we also see that there’s no we understand that there’s assistance like here as an expert assistant for all other adults and I’m like okay so what kind of assistance like show me an example do you have testimonials do you have like you know a way to you know to make me convince me that you’re the best person for the job.

So those things seem lacking and yeah since the credibility factor that we don’t see here but again we only know vaguely that they’re actually offering expert assistance for older adults.

So let’s see the next example actually when I check their graphics uh they have no traffic so there’s a lot of work to be done there but look at this one this is a website from great call so great call it’s uh so basically it’s like the kind of like a live alert it’s around the same lines and notice how they have a call to action right here call to order right here they also have relevant information updated content coronavirus resources what we’re doing also the first thing that caught my attention by the way when I look at this website was actually a call to order and also get help in emergencies big or small so we have that as a big plus and then you have here.

Limited time offer that means that actually, they have they’re actually having a great strategy meaning that they are basically doing the sense of urgency they’re using the sense of urgency approach, okay so they’re telling you oh get it now if not you’re not going to get it later so that’s pretty cool and I like the color scheme the color is very sharp but at the same time it kind of makes gives a personality the dark pink and the white with the blue it actually makes a nice combination with the black and it tells me right away i’m looking on the page and in three seconds I’m seeing what it is that they’re doing. I already know in three seconds.

That they’re selling a device that can help in emergencies okay and say exclusive discount for members. This they have a whole of the elements that a nice website or a very presentable website needs in this case now I went ahead and said you know what these guys are killing it I want to see how much traffic these people got because everything that I that you want on the website they have and guess what I went through my tool that I went to search for the

traffic they have a lot of amazing organic keywords 39000 and look at that they have 64223 organic visitors per month and again what they’re doing is not rocket science guys you guys can do it in your own website all they’re doing right here is to actually making the call to action make it very obvious what that what are they selling they actually added the discount sense of urgency discount and these are things that you’re probably gonna see on every training and every master training out there you’re gonna see all of this  you know these elements so if you’re gonna start working on those on your website it’s not gonna cause you anything but at the same time you’re gonna get so much results you’re gonna have a much better traffic and the most important thing you’re gonna get sales you’re gonna do conversions that’s what you want that’s what we all want so i’m gonna talk about tips for instagram and facebook so this is the most important tip because i’ve seen sites that they’re like they don’t don’t make sense and instagram how many how many followers they they have but like they have a few posts and they have like 10 20 posts but then they have hundreds of thousands of followers and it’s kind of odd so people realize those things believe it or not people know when something is not right and just avoid that at all cost then you have better analytics so if you actually open an instagram account with instagram it’s going to give you a lot of good perks do you want to add links to your emails blogs tutorials you want to let the whole wide world know that you’re in instagram and what’s your address geolocation it’s also good basically your location is when you tag yourself.

when you tag the location you have an Instagram picture you’re taking a selfie with somebody and then one of the options in Instagram is to add a location that’s geolocation.

Tag and deal tagging too live videos are actually very powerful I noticed that the live videos always get new followers or at least get good responses and I strongly suggest to get the ads going once you know your target once you study analyze dissect your target audience once you’re at that level that you can almost predict what they do then you can probably experiment with ads.

I will do it even then in a conservative manner this is an example of speaking of that so in today’s marketing, we have influencers versus collabs so collaborations are nothing more than use you have a product let me actually give you this example, yes one has followed for sunglasses they have it’s amazing products so they’re they wanna send this Influencer.

 A sample of their product and then in exchange they’re gonna go ahead and have you know promotion they’re gonna have a lot of engagement so that’s a collaboration pretty much an exchange of services she’s gonna get a free goods they’re gonna get a free promotion those collaborations they’re amazing i love collaborations because it’s always a win-win however just make sure that you pick the right partner to collab with because not everybody is going to benefit like you have to have a lot of things in common in terms of products and who you are this one is an influencer so this is plain marketing through your channel in this case the highly general i speak for example because he probably was is one of the most known figures when it comes to online marketing and also all of the  all the kardashian empire notice that they have i mean she she had 3 million 824 likes when she posted this product so that’s important to know yes this is costly and remember um this is a one-time thing a one-time post maybe a few times but they you know these are the kind of advertisements that are probably costing hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more tag or egg so we always have questions about tags so tags is nothing more than basically uh keywords that people follow other users actually following an instagram and you have up to 20  hashtags per post.

So you can include 20 hashtags in every single post that you have so it’s pretty good you have a mention when somebody mentioned you on their Instagram account you’re gonna actually get a notification and then this is something that starts with the ad and then you put the name of the business you put the name of the product and usually when you type on Instagram the name of the product or the business you’re going to see how it actually comes out automatically location tag, yes we want another location and then the product tags it’s it’s the same as the mentionings so in this case you’re mentioning a business you’re mentioning a person in here you’re actually just mentioning a product like a clothing line and in this case Microsoft excel all right so I’m going to show you I’m just going to stop here and I’m going to show you how it looks on.

Yeah, i want to show you how it looks in action on an Instagram and a Pinterest account so anyways Pinterest is going to be a great source of organic traffic.  Let me tell you pinterest is on top it has so much of that potential is amazing so you do have um boards and noteboards you pin stuff that you find in pinterest from all over the universe of pinterest and then once you have that you’re gonna create the boards are gonna be created by you and you’re going to fill them with pins you also want to use your analytics and you want to connect with any products that you’re selling into pinterest most importantly you want to interact with other users like what they would like what their posts same thing with instagram by the way you want to be engaged you want to talk to them they make the connection not just say just like it and just that’s it or thanks you wanna maybe try to start a conversation and make sure that they  you know there’s uh there’s a rapport going on there’s a good exchange of ideas and you’re actually getting ahead and getting to know that product that person or that brand better think before you emit so you make sure that you have all these components when you are actually meeting interacting with anybody say say facebook instagram even in your blog so if you have a blog or if you’re you have an account in other places like etsy you want to be all you want to use all of these elements sorry and you can definitely you’re gonna be i can assure you that these elements are gonna take you places the action plan so we have an action plan that is going to get you to where you want to be you want to target your audience you want to help the your website help you’re going to include a call to action and you’re going to navigate through your options through your social marketing options not all of the social marketing options are good for everyone.

So make sure that you pick the one that fits your budget and also that fits your like you’re gonna like one more than others some people love Instagram I’m more of a Facebook person but again everybody’s different and also I love Pinterest it’s so cool another thing that you want to also keep in mind is to know your competitive value what is so special about you that’s different from the rest you provide over the top you know customer service um are you willing to work I don’t know weekends or odd hours or do you offer a product that nobody else has or do you offer ideas that no other competitor is offering so think about those things because this is where you’re actually going to stand out you want to engage your audience you want to reply and ask especially in reviews you wanna definitely reply and ask questions.

Also, try to know them better try to see who they are what they do where they live or how did they heard about your brand how did they hear about your website I mean I can go on and on but yes I will be curious about who they are you want to refine and repeat what’s working yes I one of my favorites saying and I say this probably a lot of times it’s like I mean don’t fix what’s not broken if something is working well for you actually try to expand on that try to make it better try to see how even how much more can you get out of that instead of going different directions a lot of business they go five different directions and they don’t end up doing any of them well. I would say concentrate on one or two brands or one or two social platforms and then you decide from there.

Then you can get better at those two and then you can add another one but just do it slowly but surely this is an example um actually as it is in Instagram.

I love the fact that you have a structure, you have a schedule. This is an example of a society. This is something actually that I loved and I had it used to some and the client of Mine.

We tweaked it here and there but this is something that definitely you want to keep on the back of your head. You want to have a social marketing schedule and there’s plenty. If you go to Pinterest you’re going to have 500 examples of those you can use.  this one we can send you this one if you want but there’s everywhere but find one that actually is suited by you like it’s something that makes sense to you now similar to hot streak when you automate your social media again just to recap make sure you know your target audience make sure that you know or that you pick or you know very well the social media platform that you’re trying to invest your time and possibly money with once you have your target audience your target for social media and then you have the plan you have actually a schedule you have something with structure then you can jump into the next one which is automated so automate is going to make the job easier on you they have hood suite is one of the popular ones but you also have Zoho.

So the whole campaign it’s one of those tools that are very very handy I use the whole campaign because it also actually blends with my Zoho invoice I use all for my invoicing and my accounting so I’ll say well it makes sense to use adv campaign so I have everything in one place and login into one place and it’s very user friendly I mean it’s really really robust very powerful and it’s pretty much like I like to say that it is the competitor of salesforce they want to compete with salesforce I think this is just a personal opinion yeah I’m not a related in no shape or from the video but definitely, this is something that it’s gonna make your life easier because you wanna automate whatever you’re doing in social media.

So the next step is that you want to go for it you want to have imperfect actions that beats perfect inaction super important for you to make sure that whatever you do not wait for it to be perfect it will never be perfect and what i mean by that is that when you launch a product when you launch something as long as it is presentable you are happy the way it looks yes you’re always going to have room for improvement we agree and it’s always good to strive for better absolutely but don’t let time pass waiting for the moment that’s going to be perfect actually I got an email today from like one of those marketing emails from jasmine star.

She’s a very very powerful Instagram influencer you can check her out too.  She said something very true. she actually said procrastination perfection sorry perfection is procrastination in disguise yes perfection is one of those things I know I’m waiting for this to be better I’m wanting to do this for this to be a certain way guys don’t sweat it try it if it doesn’t work repeat trust me customers are gonna be happy that they hear from you and every time that you do something or every time that you reach out to them it’s gonna get better. Here are the examples that I wanted to show you earlier.

This is one of my clients with eon brook. She’s a social influencer and she actually does a lot and has a lot of engagement not only because of the followers that she’s getting but also the content. 

The type of content is very very nice. I’m gonna just double click on one of her links and I’m going to log in now so basically.

She concentrates on lifestyles and she concentrates on all of this like food traveling lifestyle which does very well by the way on Instagram if you are into food if you are into services even like printing services definitely you want to do uh you wanna go for it so okay so basically these are the likes I’m gonna just click on one picture.

Hold on guys so I’m going to go back to my previous page these are the comments so there’s a lot of engagement here hashtags. These are the hashtags that we’ll talk about. She put Zara these are the brands that she’s wearing and then you also have um they actually where’s where she got the picture from which is awesome again don’t ever ever forget to deal tag your post look at that.

Let me say one second is all right so imperfect action beats perfect inaction so this is one of them again like I mentioned this I’m actually going to share this one of the links and resources.

I am going to try to share the other screen where we have the turn this pause moves to the window to the front hopefully you guys can see it.

All right so after a few technical glitches, we are back so here’s one of her posts this is it a location that’s amazing so she’s mentioning the place montage  her hashtags right here very nice stuff, and last but not least in her profile she has her website so this is the things that you can start doing and maybe cops follow Instagram people that you are like fanatics that you enjoy watching or see what they say like you want to study

what other Instagram users are doing that is getting a lot of followers or engagements.

I think that probably will be one of the best pieces of advice on Instagram be you be authentic but at the same time see what other people are doing that is working for them and you’ll never know you know to be an amazing journey so this is Pinterest I wanted to show you one thing on Pinterest because this is actually very interesting to me so even though a nice I don’t do this I don’t do any advertisement guys everything here is organic so yeah it’s only 14 followers I’m like you know what but I want to know how many people actually see myself I was shocked because even at 14 followers so people can enjoy your comment or what you put on your pinterest but they don’t have to follow you necessarily they got like oh wow let me check this let me check that so what happened is that pinterest is like a source of information you put your graphic in there people click on it and they take you to your website I’m going to show you an example it’s loading right now give me a second because I want to show you something really really cool I don’t have any ads I know if you make ads there’s a way of putting the ads that you can do great results my advice once again please do not run before you start crawling and walking so get pinterest as a user get used to getting boards to get used to actually get the feel of pinterest before you start advertising in it. 

I’m telling you it’s gonna be way better and you’re gonna be happier because you’re saving your money but at the same time you’re learning how something works so i want to go to my knowledge sorry it’s taking a long time to share there you go so this is like an uh like analysis of who my audience is it’s amazing you have also age groups and genders again I all I did was I opened my account in Pinterest.

I started posting content and I mean seriously I just start putting content things that I put on my own I connected to stuff that I have on my own I put it in there and it’s like it’s a database of information because you only you also see very good advice in here you see a really good content in articles it’s not costing you anything but at the same time you are creating

traffic for your own brand so it’s a win-win.

I want to show you in the last there you go so all of this is actually organic so in the last 30 days 4742 impressions meaning imagine you have a store mine you have a retail store somewhere and basically your store has been seen people look through your content or browse through your store 4 thousand times so as it’s amazing and actually if you do it through all there’s some option that you do it through like through the whole year and then you Have all of this organic everything here is organic so let’s just let me show you so you know that this is organic zero dollars.  I did not spend anything on it. 

That was pretty cool all right so Definitely Pinterest is an untapped source of unlimited traffic and I’m going to actually,  I’m going To screen share that’s good, so I’m gonna Just leave this presentation with this information again. Our goal is to train technology. We love technology and we love teaching so we merge Those two together with our knowledge so you can check us out at iknowledgeschool.com

We can teach you how to start your social media marketing and can even show you how to find your ideal customer avatar if you let us help you with just that alone everything else you can pretty much. I mean with the guidance you can do it on your own and definitely will be a great start for your social media massive traffic journey.

All right so thank you so much for this for your time for your support and we’ll we’re ready we look forward to offering more videos and more training and once again please stay safe strong and we’ll talk to you soon take care bye

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